Scholarship awards from 2006 and prior years

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PHOTO: The KSA Scholarship recipients and Committee members from 2000.  

Front Row (l-r):  Matthew Douglas (KCI); Steve Sperling (Grand River)
Middle Row (l-r):   Meaghan Jastrebski (Forest Heights); Jocelyn Beiutz (St.Mary's); Sara Hahn( Resurrection)
Back Row (l-r):  KSA Committee members Tim Hobson and Gord Dearborn; Cameron McQuaig (Forest Heights) and KSA Committee members: Lerinda Chapeski; Jaye Kuntz and John Thompson.


Note: The scholarship amount ($1,000 towards 1st year tuition) was changed effective for the 2005 (and subsequent year) awards to include an additional $1,000 for 2nd year studies. Effective for the 2013 awards, the $2,000 is all available for 1st year. 

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DAVID ARNOTT - Eastwood Collegiate 

JENN GOOD - Forest Heights Collegiate 
JOSH HERBISON - Forest Heights Collegiate 
STEVEN KUNTZ - St Mary's High School

JENN BRUCE - Eastwood Collegiate 
SCOTT MAHN - Resurrection Secondary 
MAX POTTIER - Grand River Collegiate 
SHAWN QUINNEY - Forest Heights Collegiate
D.J.DEMERS - Resurrection Secondary
BRANDON GESINGHAUS - Forest Heights Collegiate
CORALENE NEIDENBACH - Resurrection Secondary
OWEN TABBERT - Grand River Collegiate
MICHAEL BROWN - Forest Heights Collegiate 
DYLAN KOCH - Bluevale Collegiate 
JOSEPH LANCE - Resurrection Secondary 
JOSH NELSON - Eastwood Collegiate 
SARA NIBLOCK - Grand River Collegiate 
TRACY PAGE - Grand River Collegiate 
TODD STEWART - Forest Heights Collegiate 
CHRISTINA WALSH - St. Mary's High School
KEVIN HURLEY - Resurrection Secondary 
YELIZ KEMAL - Forest Heights Collegiate 
LEANNE KENNING - St. Mary's High 
CARA LIDSTONE - Resurrection Secondary 
ERICH ROHMANN - Grand River Collegiate 
JEREMY STEWART - Forest Heights Collegiate 
STEVE JENKINS - Forest Heights Collegiate
LINDSAY KARGES - Forest Heights Collegiate
TERESA TABBERT - Grand River Collegiate
JACLYN BEITZ - St. Mary's High School
MATTHEW DOUGLAS - Kitchener Collegiate 
SARA HAHN - Resurrection Secondary 
MEAGHAN JASTREBSKI - Forest Heights Collegiate
CAMERON McCUAIG - Forest Heights Collegiate
STEVE SPERLING - Grand River Collegiate
 JOSH ALEXANDER - Eastwood Collegiate 
ED CHAPELLE - Forest Heights Collegiate 
CORINNA FETTER - Forest Heights Collegiate 
BRANDON GOURE - Drury School for the Deaf 
SARAH LUCKHARDT - Kitchener Collegiate 
ANGELA ROSS - Forest Heights Collegiate
JENNIFER BLACK - Resurrection Secondary 
DANIELLA CARRINGTON - St. Mary's High School 
GRAHAME JASTREBSKI - Forest Heights Collegiate 
EMILY ROSAMOND - Eastwood Collegiate
SARAH BAILIE - Forest Heights Collegiate 
CRAIG BEITZ - Eastwood Collegiate 
ANDREA REJESKY - Bluevale Collegiate 
MATTHEW RITCHIE - Forest Heights Collegiate 
MEGHAN ROSS - Grand River Collegiate 
COLLEEN GALLOWAY - Resurrection Secondary 
ERIN McELHONE - St. Mary's High School 
HANS ROHMANN - Grand River Collegiate 
TARA ROSS - Cameron Heights Collegiate
GEORGE SHAMOUN - Resurrection Secondary

The KSA Scholarship Program 

Grade 8 Leadership Program 1999, 2000, 2001

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