Upcoming Events

KSA Dinner (AGM & more!)
6:00 PM
Edelweiss Sports Bar - Banquet Hall
Volunteer Recognition Dinner
6:00 PM
Edelweiss Sports Bar - Banquet Hall
KSA dinner - welcome 2018
6:00 PM
Edelweiss Sports Bar - Banquet Hall

  • KSA's next dinner: Tuesday, October 17

    KSA's next meeting, our AGM, is Tuesday October 17 at the Edelweiss . Doors open at 6:00 pm - seating at 6:30 pm. Come out, learn about the local sports scene and share your plans and experiences.
  • September 19, 2017

    Canadian sports author Greg Oliver was our dinner speaker on September 19, 2017. Greg talked about the life of Father David Bauer and brought along Rod Seiling to enhance some of his anecdotes. Greg has alre... More
  • Welcome to the KSA website

    This site has details of our programs and funding criteria as well as past recipients of KSA funding. Photo: KSA provided $2,000 to Waterloo County Rugby for the expansion of its Youth Development Progra... More
  • The KSA Rangers 50/50 Draw

    Information on the 50/50 draw - rules, winners and more. With the Rangers' 2017/18 season now underway, our sellers are busy using the new electronic system to sell entries in support of local athletes. Pr... More
  • Donna Woloshyn

    Donna Woloshyn passed away at the age of 66 and 43 years of marriage to KSA Director Russ Woloshyn. Our condolences to Russ, Cameron. Kayleigh and the Woloshyn family.
  • We provide funding assistance to local minor athletes, sports groups and charities.

    Founded in 1944 in response to the need for an all-event year-round sports and entertainment facility, KSA has continued on in the community providing funding to local minor athletes and sports groups. Ann... More
  • Donations made by KSA in 2016

    2016 KSA donations to local sports groups and charities totaled over $182,000. Here's a list of where the money went... and thanks!
  • 2016 Athlete of the Year Award

    2016 Athlete of the Year Award Mark Schiefele of the Winnipeg Jets (NHL)
  • KSA Awards of Excellence for 2017

    KSA Awards of Excellence for 2017 Individual - Bruce Young Team - Kitchener Minor Baseball's 2016 minor bantam Tier-1 team Organization - Waterloo Regional Boxing Academy
  • The KSA Scholarship Program

    This program was started in 1996 to benefit Kitchener residents graduating from high-school and going on to further their education. As of 2017, KSA will be offering up to 8 scholarship awards of $1,500 e... More
  • April 18, 2017 Scholarships

    KSA awarded 8 scholarships in 2017 at a dinner featuring guest speaker Samuel Baxter.
  • The KSA Titans 50/50 Draw

    KSA welcomes the KW Titans to our local sports scene and is pleased to announce that basketball fans will be able to participate in the KSA 50/50 draw at each home game. All proceeds go to help local minor sp... More
  • November 22 Volunteer Dinner

    November 22 Volunteer Dinner honouring 25 volunteers from 25 local minor sports groups. Congratulations to them and thanks to them and each and every one of the thousands of volunteers they represent involved... More
  • Let's ensure everyone gets to play!

    The KSA Fee-assistance Program was initiated in early 2013 - just in time for the spring registration session. The program provides funding support to local minor sports groups that publicly promote the fa... More
  • KSA Athletic Excellence Program - Criteria

    KSA's Athletic Excellence Program provides funding assistance to local minor athletes who are competing at the national or international level and have extensive travel, coaching, training and/or equipment ex... More
  • 2016/17 Rangers Draw Winners

    Lots of happy 50/50 draw winners at the Rangers' games this season. Congratulations!